Samaha Light

Samaha marble is one of the most popular kinds of Egyptian marble and we supply it in slabs, blocks, tiles and cut to sizes in any quantity and best marble quality. Samaha Marble quarries located in El-Minya.
It can be used as marble flooring, walls tiles, stairs, window sills, countertops, fireplaces and for interiors and exteriors applications.
Samaha is a light creamy beige main color fossilized sedimentary rock.
Samaha is available in flower cut or vein cut. Also there are Samaha Light and Samaha Cream.
All surface finishes can be applied on Samaha such as: (Polished, Honed, Bush hammered, Split Face, Sandblasted, Tumbled,etc except flamed).
Samaha marble can be called Samaha Chiaro, Crema Samaha, Samaha Gold, Samaha Limestone.