Red Aswan

Red Aswan Granite is a kind of red granite quarried in Egypt. There are two colors of Red Aswan: Dark Red Aswan and Light Red Aswan. This stone is especially good for Counter tops and bars, Interior wall panels, Water walls and fountains, mosiac, stairs, pattern and other design projects. It also called: (Red Aswan Granite, Rosso Assuan Granite, Rosso Assuan Granite, Assuan Dark Granite, Assuan Light Granite, Rosso Aswan Granite, Roseate Aswan Granite, Red Aswan Light Granite, Rosa Aswan Medium Granite, Rosa Aswan Light Granite, Rosa Aswan Dark Granite, Red Aswan Dark Granite,Egyptian Red Granite,in China stone market:埃及红(Āijí hóng)). Aswan Red Granite can be processed into Polished, Flamed.